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For patients looking to reduce fat that has accumulated in their upper or lower back, they will be pleased to know that the back is one of the best areas for liposuction. In the back, we can use a highly aggressive approach without being concerned about excess skin or damage to surrounding tissues. In fact, some of the most dramatic results from liposuction can be seen when it is applied to the back. With the dynamic and integrative approach to liposuction, we can help your back achieve the smooth and proportionate appearance you’ve been looking for by delivering among the finest back liposuction. The back can be divided into several areas for liposuction. These areas include: infra scapular fat, posterior axillary fat, posterior waist fat, lumbo-sacral fat pad and buffalo hump. Liposuction of the back can provide enormous visible improvements. However, the procedure is easier on patients who have not lost significant amounts of weight.

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Back Liposuction

How is the Procedure Performed?
As you look into back liposuction price, you should simultaneously research how it is performed. The surgical procedure is used to reshape and smooth your back. It removes fat deposits that have become resistant to normal dieting and exercise regimens. Liposuction has also been used as lipoplasty. Stubborn areas of fat are treated along the stomach, back, arms, legs and neck.

Kinds of Back Fat
Back liposuction can be used to address different parts of the back. Among the different areas:
Lumbo sacral back fat is just above the tailbone.
Buffalo hump back fat is near the neck.
Infra-scapular back fat is located between the shoulder blades/ scapula bone.
Posterior axillary back fat is close to the armpit and in the upper portion of the back.
Posterior waist back fat is situated just above and behind the hips.

Expected Results After you have undergone surgery, you will have more benefits than just a thinner back. Patients who have had back liposuction performed are more confident and have a higher self-esteem than they did prior to the procedure. Clothes and undergarments fit better and no longer have to be custom designed. Although it cannot be used as a weight loss solution, it will work to improve your appearance.In the end, you will be able to achieve the figure you want. No longer will you have to deal with unseemly fat on your back. The back liposuction cost is more than worthwhile for the immense benefit it gives to individuals.

Risks to Be Wary of
The average patient does not suffer any major complications from the procedure. A small portion may experience minor side effects like bruising and swelling that will ultimately subside after a few weeks. Bruises tend to go away first and swelling may take up to two months to disappear.Small scars from the procedure may form, but these will also heal after a few weeks. Everyone heals differently, but the tiny incisions made during a liposuction are not enough to cause a large, lasting scar.

During the recovery process, it is important to rest and take care of your body. Some patients may have to wear a compression garment while they are in bed. During the days and weeks after the liposuction surgery, patients may suffer from pain or soreness. Patients who drink plenty of water and limit sodium intake can prevent swelling and recover faster. Before you try to resume your normal life, you need to properly rest your body and take care of yourself. Most patients who have properly taken care of their bodies report few side effects after undergoing liposuction. As you consider your options, make sure that you have plenty of time to recuperate from surgery.

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