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Male Breast Reduction in Mumbai (Gynaecomastia Surgery in Mumbai)

Even males have breasts and in contrast to the females, they are embarrassed by large breasts! On a serious note, it is a serious issue especially in teenage boys if their breasts are large. They feel embarrassed and feel secluded. They have problems in being bare chest and are unable to wear T-shirts.

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Male Breast Reduction

They suffer from peer pressure syndrome and their core competence and studies also get affected at times. Correction of the deformity has a huge positive psychological impact. The parents are not only anxious because of their children’s psychology but also because they have plenty of doubts right from personality to infertility. They feel that it may be a tumor especially if the enlargement is asymmetrical. They may feel that breast enlargement may mean some female deformity component inside the body. They are worried about the implication of this in regards to the sexual function and orientation of the child. There may be a plethora of unresolved thoughts in their mind. Often they are not able to share with anyone and do not even know that this can be corrected. It is thus very important to address this seemingly small issue because it can have big ramifications.

Male Breast Reduction
Causes of male enlargement in Males Breast enlargement in males usually happens during the time of puberty and is usually minimal (which is normal). In some boys, the breasts enlarge more. Some enlargement of the breast is normal in old persons because of diminishing male hormone levels. This enlargement may be Genetic, environmental or due to a disease.

Genetic: Children of men who have large breasts are more likely to have larger breasts. At the same time, there is no standard prediction index for the same.

Environmental: The environmental factor is the change in diet and lifestyle. With the popularity of fast food and fuzzy cold drinks, the level of obesity in children has increased.

This obesity, in turn, has the profound impact on the level of female hormones in the body. These hormones which are usually in minute quality even in males are produced more in obese patients.

The female hormones which are in excess are produced by the fat. Fat thus increases the female hormone levels. The female hormone estrogen also increases the fat thus leading to more obesity. This further obesity leads to more estrogen production. Thus a vicious cycle is precipitated. Female hormone increases the amount of breast tissue.

Lack of exercise: world over, the behavior of children has changed with the availability of Online and computer games and the shrinkage of open spaces especially in Urban population. This lack of sports and outdoor activity along with diet change has led Child obesity epidemic. And along with Obesity comes large breasts.

Diet: There are synthetic substances in the fast food which have an action similar to oxytocin which is another female hormone with similar features. The high sugar content of the cold drinks high-fat content of the fried food increases the obesity directly, which apart from the estrogen effect, directly gets deposited all over the body including the chest.

Diseases - Diseases of Liver and adrenal gland and tumors of the testes and some other tumors can also cause a rise in the female hormone levels and cause male breast enlargement.

Medicines: Long-term uses of some medicines can also give rise to large breasts. It is best to disclose to the doctor if any medication is going on especially from a long time.

Idiopathic: Many times, there is no obvious cause which is called idiopathic. These enlargements are bilateral or both sided. Unilateral enlargement can occur in the tumors of the breast or sometimes idiopathic (cause not known or without any cause!).

Gynecomastia Surgery At La Transformatione’:

In case of male breast reduction surgery, you need to find the best clinic for gynecomastia surgery in Mumbai. And we are one of them. La Transformatione’, the leading cosmetic clinic in Mumbai, provides male breast reduction surgery in Mumbai.

La Transformatione has been established by Dr. Anshuman Manaswi who is a professional cosmetic & plastic surgeon in Mumbai. Dr. Anshuman Manaswi follows proper procedure in planning and implementing gynecomastia surgery in Mumbai.

First, our process starts with the consultation in which you will be asked about your expectation and requirements with regards to your surgery of male breast reduction. Our surgeon will scrutinize your chest size and skin quality and determine what can be achieved in your gynecomastia surgery.

Investigations: The most important aspect of the approach in the surgery of themale breast reduction in Mumbai is to do a detailed history taking and clinical examination. The most important and often omitted part is the examination of the testes to rule out any a testicular tumor.
Since the problem is in the chest, examination of testes especially in young boys may be little embarrassing for the child. This should be handled with due sensitivity after proper counseling of the child and the parents. It is preferable to do such an examination in front of the parent and in presence of a staff.
Other general examinations and abdominal examination are also done as and when required. The specific test which is used to start with is an ultrasound of the breasts which can show the anatomy of the breasts. Usually, this is the only test required. In case of a tumor or other diseases, other tests may be asked for like FNAC, Biopsy or MRI or the breast Tests for fitness for surgeries required if surgery is contemplated.

Assessment: Gynaecomastia or male breast enlargement can be mild or severe. The breast which is enlarged consists of fat, the breast tissue, and the enlarged skin envelop. To treat the condition well, one needs to know each one of the parameters. It has been classified into grade 1 to grade 4. The grades are based on the size of the breasts and the laxity of the skin. Technicalities apart, the aim of these classifications is to understand how good the final outcome would be after the treatment and how and where the scar will be there after the gynecomastia surgery. Naturally, if the patient has a huge breast with large excess sagging skin, the patient will have bigger scar due to the removal of the excess skin. In contrast, patients with firm skin and not very big breasts may have a very minimal scarring.

Treatment: The treatment is usually surgical unless the gynecomastia is due to some secondary cause like Tumours of the testes or liver issues where the treatment of the primary cause may treat the breast enlargement also.
Similarly losing weight or stoppage of the offending medicines if any can lead to some reversal. Male breast reduction Surgery remains the gold standard for the treatment of Gynecomastia. With the advent of Liposuction, the gynecomastia surgery is so simplified nowadays that the results are almost always gratifying with minimum morbidity and hospital stay.
Usually, liposuction is used to suck out the fat component of the breast and loses the dense breast tissue. The residual breast tissue is removed through a small periareolar incision at the junction of the areola to the normal skin. This cut is hardly visible in the long run. For larger breasts with loose skin, the techniques may be different including the techniques which are used for female breast reduction or at that time staged surgery is performed.

Recovery: Sutures are removed after 7 to 10 days time. The swelling lasts for about 6 to 8 weeks’ time. The final result is obvious by around 6 weeks after which gradual improvement takes over some months. Office work can be resumed in a couple of days. Aerobic exercises can be started after about 10 days but isometric exercises ( weight training) are avoided until about 4 - 6 weeks. Pressure garments need to be worn for about a month or so and massaging of the tissue is advised after a couple of weeks

Hospitalization: Usually Gynaecomastia surgery in Mumbai ( our Centre) is done under general anesthesia and as a day care procedure. Sometimes local anesthesia may be contemplated. In large breasts, hospitalization may be required.

Complications: Usually the results of the male breast reduction surgery is very gratifying. Sometimes there may be bruising, pain and swelling which may last longer than usual. Blood clots or hematoma may happen rarely. Irregular contour of the reduced breast may happen which usually settles with time. At times a minor secondary correction may be required. Other surgeries which are usually combined with Gynaecomastia correction surgery is liposuction of the tummy or lateral chest wall. Usually, liposuction of only the breast area will leave the fat on the side of the chest leaving a feeling of depression on the chest wall. This is best avoided by fully marking the surrounding area in the standing position for liposuction which means the upper adjacent abdomen and sides of the chest. This being, not an extensive surgery, it can be combined with other procedures as well.

Words of Wisdom: Male breast reduction surgery or Gynaecomastia correction surgery is a simple surgery with minimal scarring. Contrast to the older days before the use of Liposuction, there used to be a large scar along the chest wall. Such incisions are obsolete now except for exceptional cases. It is imperative thus, that the patient discusses in detail about the incision and the post-op scarring to avoid any disappointment postoperatively. On the part of the patient, it is equally important to know that there may be small irregularities which are likely to be minimized over a few months time. Very rarely any additional secondary surgery may be required. At La transfromatione’ we have helped plenty of patients usually young boys overcome their anxiety and complex due to enlarged breasts. These patients and their parents are so anxious before the male breast reduction surgery but with detailed counseling and the surgery, almost all of them are satisfied.

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