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Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Hair transplant is a permanent method for the cure of baldness. Normally, the hairs on the back of your head are not under the influence of male hormone and are considered permanent. When these hairs are transplanted on to the bald area they retain their permanency.

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Hair Transplant

A strip of hair is taken from the back of your head and the follicular units are dissected and transplanted. Donor area is closed. This is where hair transplant surgery becomes less of a science and more of an art form. Follicular units are not just single hairs but grow in groups of 2 to 4 hairs, and by maintaining the composition of this unit a modern hair transplant can mimic natural hair growth. When hair transplant surgery is successful the results are just as good as natural hair growth, this is living hair that you can style the same way you would before hair loss occurred.

In case if you are looking for hair transplant in Mumbai, then you have landed at a right place. Many people travel to Mumbai for their hair restoration treatment. There are many hair transplant clinic in Mumbai which is regarded to deliver efficient hair transplant treatment. All the hair transplant clinic in Mumbai use the latest technology in hair restoration treatment and have the best of equipment and amenities.

Mumbai, being the cosmetic capital of India, has an advantage over other cities when it comes to hair restoration treatment. The demand for the aesthetic in Mumbai is very high, therefore the number of cosmetic surgeries like hair transplant surgery, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, facelift surgery etc. performed by the plastic surgeons is huge in Mumbai.

Hair transplantation is the surgical procedure which removes hair follicles from one part of the body, called the 'donor site'. Hair follicles are the sheath of cells and connective tissue which surrounds the root of a hair. This technique is used to treat male baldness. In this minimally invasive technique, grafts containing hair follicles that are genetically resistant to balding, are transplanted to the bald scalp. Hair transplantation technique can be used to restore eyelashes, beard hair, eyebrows, chest hair, pubic hair and to fill in scars caused by accidents or surgery such as face-lifts and previous hair transplant. Hair naturally grows in groupings of 1 to 4 hairs. Hair transplant surgeries harvest and transplant hair "follicular units" in their natural groupings. Modern hair treatments can achieve a natural appearance by mimicking original hair orientation. This kind of hair transplant surgery is called follicular unit transplantation (FUT). There are two different way to harvest donor's hair such as strip harvesting, and follicular unit extraction(FUE).

In the procedure of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), grafts holding a small cluster of hairs are removed from the donor area of hair in a strip. The strip is then sent to the cutting room where grafts are cleaned and separated under the higher magnifications of microscopes. Therefore, grafts are placed into the slits made in the bald area. If these naturally arising follicular units are transplanted well, then it will replicate a natural growth in the bald area of the scalp.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a surgical procedure for obtaining follicular units. It is also called as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method. In this procedure, 1-4 hairs are easily extracted for hair transplantation.individual follicular units are brought from the patient’s scalp where the hair is still present. This technique is distinct from the strip method. In a strip method, a piece of skin, containing hair follicles, is surgically removed from the patient's scalp and transplanted into several areas that have gone bald. FUE method has transformed itself into Advanced FUE due to advanced technology. Advanced FUE has increased the possibility of bringing hair follicles not only from the head but also from the chest, legs, arms, abdomen, back, face, and beard.

  • • It is a Natural and permanent solution for hair thinning and baldness.
  • • This is the way to recover your natural hair growth for the rest of your life.
  • • This new hair can be combed, washed, oiled, cut and/or styled as per your choice.
  • • It is an absolutely safe procedure and has no side effects.
  • • This is just a day-care procedure and you can get back home the same day after the procedure.
  • • In case if you are working person, you can get back to your work from the next day of surgery itself. There is no need to take long leave from work.
  • • You can make yourself feel younger by having your natural looks back.
  • • You don't need maintenance for your new hair.

At what age you should undergo hair transplant treatment?
The person above 21 suffering from baldness can undergo hair restoration treatment. Only some of the best cosmetic surgeon can recommend you the realistic hair transplant treatment as per your requirements and goals. In some of the cases, people above the age of 80 have also undergone hair transplant surgery. Once you perform hair transplant surgery from the leading hair transplant clinic in Mumbai, you will get permanent results in terms of continuous natural growing hair.

What are the common causes of hair loss?
Many people have the habit of taking the thick head of hair for granted until it is gone. According to surgeons, people experience hair loss once they reach the age of 50. Hair loss incurs in 70% of men and 20 % of woman. Hair loss has different subconscious effects on a person. Ironically people in young age start to lose their hair which results in loss of confidence. Hair plays a crucial role in the appearance of both men and woman. Therefore nobody would like to take the issue of hair loss easily. The common causes of hair loss which are listed below:

• Genetics is the most prominent cause of hair loss and hair fall. Health history of the family also plays a vital role in hair loss. Hair loss can be suffered by you either from mother's side or father's side whoever has suffered hair loss in their life.
• Physical and mental work causes hair loss. Social and personal stress can put a snag in the supply of necessary nutrients and blood supply to your hair. This results in poor vitamin and nutrients absorption of the hair.
• Poor nutrition, high consumption of fats, and animal origin products can cause poor health of the hair. Supply of insufficient iron and other proteins is the main cause of hair loss.
• Hazardous chemicals found in medicines like birth control pills and steroids leads to temporary or permanent hair loss. Chemotherapy, which is powerful treatment, which decimates cancer cells, also results in hair loss and hair fall.
• Lifestyle changes like hormonal changes can also cause temporary hair loss. Such hair loss causes due to childbirth, pregnancy, menopause and improperly balanced diet. Thyroid problems can also cause hair loss.
Hair fall and hair growth has become common in our day to day lifestyle. The problem occurs there where hair falls but do not grow back. Loosing the hair in such a way can be very depressing and stressful as it disrupts the graceful look of your face. Therefore you should go for hair transplant treatment.

La Transformatione hair transplant clinic in Mumbai
If you are eager to grow hair on your scalp to give beautiful look to your face, then we can give you a permanent solution which will make you feel younger and confident. La Transformatione is considered as the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai.

The reason why we are the leading hair transplant clinic in Mumbai is that we have served more than 30k patients with satisfaction. La Transformatione conceived by the renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. AnshumanManaswi. A visit to La Transformatione gives you the opportunity to meet the top surgeon for hair transplant in Mumbai.

During the consultation, you can share your aesthetic needs and requirements with our surgeon for your hair transplant in Mumbai. Dr. AnshumanManaswi has 20+ years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery.

He will patiently listen to your needs and desires to study your hair loss case, will study your medical history, and provide you a realistically practical solution for your hair loss problem.

Our surgeon will recommend right hair transplant surgery depending on the cause of hair loss and provide you proper medication for your hair growth.

About Dr. AnshumanManaswi
Dr. AnshumanManaswi is the leading hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai. He has completed his MBBS from JIPMER (Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research). He has completed his M.S. from Mumbai University. He has 20+ years of surgical experience in hair transplant surgery. He is a renowned Cosmetic & Plastic surgeon and Consultant at the prestigious Bombay Hospital & Medical Research, and Mumbai &NanavatiSuperspeciality Hospital He provides hair restoration surgery at an affordable price. Passion towards hair restoration surgery makes him involved in learning the updated techniques of hair transplantation.

He is determined to provide accurate information and hair transplant results of the highest quality with his professional approach. He has performed many hair transplant surgeries successfully to date. He gives special attention and customized solution to each of his patients.

We at La Transformatione, provide best care and services with safety, quality of treatment, privacy, and our ethics. We are the leading hair transplant clinic in Mumbai. Our clinic is filled with high tech equipment and our surgeon uses the latest technique to transform the appearance of the patients. We take care of our patients in all aspects before, during, and after the hair transplant. Before performing hair transplant procedure, we provide all the details of the surgery and make an important recommendation for best realistic results. We have served more than 30000 patients with satisfaction.

How much time is required for Hair Transplant Surgery?
Hair transplant surgery typically takes about 6-8hours to perform.

Do I require admission or Is it an Outpatient procedure?
Out patient basis.

What are the Side Effects of Hair Transplant Surgery?
Hair transplant surgery can cause minor headaches brought about from tugging and manipulation of the scalp during the transplant procedure, and over- the - counter aspirin can alleviate such headaches.Some times a small amount of bleeding can occur, also a numbness or tenderness of scalp and a temporary thinning of pre-existing hair.

How Long do Hair Transplant Surgery results last?
New hair should start to grow within 4 months and keep growing permanently thereafter. The transplanted hair will continue to grow permanently for the rest of your life. There is no need for special maintenance or care for your hair. You can wash or style your hair in the way you wish.

How much does it take to recovery from Hair Transplant Surgery?
Most patients can return to normal activities in a matter of days.However, expect some numbness and soreness after the first week of surgery. Bath is permitted after 8 days of surgery.

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