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Labia Rejuvenation in Mumbai

Demand for labia rejuvenation has become very popular in India. It is because many women feel uncomfortable with the appearance of their vagina. It can lead to sexual dissatisfaction and difficulty.It's not just about the sex appeal of the vagina oftentimes, women suffer pain and discomfort caused by the extra skin fold around the vagina. Enlarged labia minora causes self-consciousness sexually. Women, with the enlarged or long length of labia minora, can have them aesthetically reshaped by undertaking labia rejuvenation or labiaplasty surgery.

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The labiaplasty surgery involves the reduction the labia minora while maintaining the normal labial edge and color. The labiaplasty surgery (labia rejuvenation) and other plastic surgeries including vaginoplasty (tightening of the vagina) have become popular as social acceptance of these cosmetic and reconstruction procedures is moving forward. As with the growing technology, new advancements, and updated surgical techniques in labiaplasty surgery has lessened the issues like scarring, pain, and recovery time which has shown positive results.

Medical indication for the labiaplasty surgery can include uneven dimensions of the labia or labial hypertrophy disorders, like the need for contraction of tissue from overly large labia minora that can result in continuous irritation in tight pants and discomfort when engaging in sports or other physical activities. Most of the women opt for labia rejuvenation in Mumbai for the variety of reasons including pain from twisting and tugging of the labia when riding a bike or during intercourse, itching, irritation, and self-consciousness. In many cases, most women are either born with enlarged labia or they become exceptionally long at puberty. In some cases, they develop this situation with childbirth or age. Therefore, they need to get their labia rejuvenation in Mumbai from the renowned cosmetic clinic in Mumbai. As the most important decision is not only just to performlabiaplasty surgery in Mumbai but also to find the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai for labia rejuvenation in Mumbai.

Prominent Causes for Oversized Vagina Lips are:
Chronic irritation
Hormonal changes
Excessive stretching from childbirth or physical activity
Poor hygiene
Sexual obstruction
Urinary interference

If the labia minora are enlarged or unequal in size, some women tend to keep secret feelings of being abnormal, causing embarrassment and loss of self-esteem. By safely reducing the enlarged labial skin and tissue, our labiaplasty specialist can help you attain a more favorable beautiful appearance and comfortable physique.

What Does Labiaplasty Surgery Involve?
The labiaplasty surgery in Mumbai is performed under general anesthesia. It can be done in one or two ways. Our surgeon will trim the excess inner folds by reducing the edges so that they no longer protrude. The remaining edges of labia minora will be stitched back together to attain the most natural-looking results possible. The old techniques of labia rejuvenation in Mumbai were poor because of the obvious scarring and the damage to the sensory nerves. Our updated techniques ensure safety and do not cause nerve damage. Our current techniques also maintain the normal anatomy. Our updated techniques make the scar in an invisible position which will not be visible.

How Much Time Does Labioplasty Surgery Take?
Labia rejuvenation procedure takes around 1 hour. The patient can go home on the same day of operation.

What is the recovery period?
After labiaplasty surgeryIn Mumbai, women may experience moderate discomfort, pain, and swelling. It usually vanishes completely after 1 to 2 weeks. The labial incisions are barely noticeable and usually heal quickly. The patient needs to take a week off from work to reduce the swelling and pain by icing with a cold pack sandwiched between the patient's underpants and an elastic garment. You should avoid physical exercise for 3 weeks. Patients can resume having intercourse after four to six weeks. Follow-up visits will be scheduled to analyze your progress.

How Can Labiaplasty Solve The Problems And Enhance My Life?
Labia rejuvenation In Mumbaiis the surgical procedure of reducing the size and reshape the labia minora. The labia minora are the inner lips of the vagina and are located between outer labia and the vaginal opening. In some cases, a woman with enlarged labia minora can suffer pain during intercourse, or feel discomfort during everyday activities, especially when wearing tight-fitting clothing. Some woman may feel embarrassed or demotivated by their outward appearance. The purpose of labiaplasty surgery in Mumbai is to improve the external appearance of the vagina. Most of the woman feel more positive about their overall appearance and experience improvement in their self-esteem. The goal of the labioplasty surgery is to increase the friction experienced by sexual partners during intercourse.

What are the risks associated with the labiaplasty procedure?
The risks associated with labiaplasty procedure (treatment) include bleeding, hematoma, and infection. Some women desire an aggressive reduction. It can cause chronic dryness, scarring at or near the vaginal opening and pain while having the intercourse. Healing issues are more likely to occur with a wedge procedure, especially if the patient is exposed to substances that cause blood vessels to shrink.


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