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Syndactyly Correction

Syndactyly Correction

Cleft lip correction

Cleft lip correction

AV Malformation

TM Joint Ankylosis

Micro Vascular Jaw Reconstruction

Total Penile Reconstruction

Breast reconstructions

Uretheral and Vaginal Reconstruction

Oral Reconstruction

Palatal Reconstruction

Parotid Tumor Excision

Pilonidal Sinus Excision and Reconstruction

Ear Keloid Removal

Surgical Correction of Penis Lymphedema

Excision of Nerve Tumor of Neck

Reconstruction for Diabetic Palatal Necrosis

Osteomylytes of Orbit

Post Cardic Bypass Sternal Reconstruction

Foot Wound Cover

Trumatic Lower Limb Flap Cover

Micro Vascular Foot Salvage for Injury

Thumb Replantation

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