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All of us will agree to a basic fact “If you reach to the correct doctor, half of your problems are solved.”

In the world where we see patients travelling long distances in pursuit of good treatment, there is always an uncertainty in the minds of the patient whether they are there in the right hands and they are not overcharged.

No surgeon can claim that he or she has not had complications, but still there are some who are more meticulous and give better results. In case of Plastic & Cosmetic surgeries, with the glamour attached and so much hype and publicity, the task becomes more difficult. None the less there are a few important points which if remembered, can go along way to help you.

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A doctor’s clinic need not be fancy and glamorous. A neat clinic with all the facilities is what is required. Glamour should not mask the competence.

2. QUALIFICATION : This is the Single most important criteria. Plastic & cosmetic surgery training is very rigorous and most doctors who come out after the training are likely to give you good results than the less qualified. Please ensure that you read their training and degree certificates. In India, this super specialty degree is called “M.Ch.” which is awarded after a successful training of 3 years after M.S.( General surgery), which itself is a 3 years course after M.B.B.S. So basically it is only 6 years after MBBS that one can become a Plastic surgeon.

3. EXPERIENCE : Having gone through the thick and thin of the Practice of Cosmetic and Plastic surgeries, I am of the opinion that it takes a couple of years more after the training till you gain confidence are capable of managing the spectrum. Further experience can be a boon.

4. TYPE OF TREATMENT: I wonder many a times, how the clients particularly for cosmetic surgeries can go wrong here. To go to a Non Surgical practitioner for surgery is to invite trouble. A medical cosmetologist cannot operate. Period. Please research and find a qualified and experienced surgeon. Yes, for non surgical treatments, one can chose to go to medical cosmetologist.

5. CREDENTIALS : THE Doctor’s credentials come from his/ her accreditations and attachments. Reputed hospitals will have reputed doctor’s in their panel and that can give an idea into their credentials

6. REVIEWS AND STARS : In the today’s era these can be forged. Video testimonials and hand written testimonials have maximum authenticity especially from the patient who is willing to show his/ her results on line.

7. ADVERTISEMENTS : Take them with a pinch of salt. As in any field, there are superfluous claims and non reproducible results. Chose a Genuine rather than glamorous doctor.

8. WEBSITE : The website of the organisation or surgeon must be elaborate and the results in the photo gallery must be authentic. There are many patients who do not allow their results to be put up on the website and thus there may not be many pictures especially in the “FACE” section. But on many website, one can find photos directly taken out from internet claiming their own results. Be Aware.

9. HOBBY : plastic and cosmetic surgery is a combination of Art and science and a artistic mind in general, gives good results. An artistic minded Doctor may be an advantage. But that is not the rule.

10. COST : This is the single most important factor that can ruin your results. One should not opt for very cheap “deal” and be very careful if cheap quotes are given. Cheap quotes are given in the following circumstances.
1. When the doctor is not qualified ( there are many, particularly in Cosmetic surgeries). The so called Cosmetologist are there to con using big time advertisement and liaisoning. ( refer to point 2 above).
2. When the Doctor is less experienced. Normally, when the doctors in their initial stages charge less than their experienced colleagues.
3. When the patient is operated in smaller and cheap hospitals. This may not be a adverse factor as long as the facilities are adequate and your safety is not compromised. Large Hospitals with 5 star facilities are much costly.
4. When the patient is offered a lower class like twin sharing room or triple sharing room or a general ward, the cost can be less and these are good options to save the cost.

These are some simple guidelines. Get treated Genuinely and safely.

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